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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes Lawyer

White Collar Crimes

Atlanta White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney

White collar crime is generally confined to extremely unethical, illegal behaviors such as bribery or extortion, or acts through which a person attempts illegal monetary gains through acts such as embezzlement, fraud, or theft. Conviction of a white-collar crime will almost certainly be a death blow to any hope of future employment in a professional career.

Examples of white-collar crime include conspiracy of corporate officers, elected officials, politicians or employees. An example of such white collar crimes would be bribery, accepting kickbacks, embezzlement, misuse of taxpayer funds, and related illegal acts.

The federal court system and the prosecution of white-collar crimes is very complex. A successful defense of white-collar criminal charges requires an attorney that understands the nuances and fine points of the law. Federal crimes typically mandate harsh penalties, excessive fines, and long prison sentences. It is very important that you hire a federal crimes defense attorney as soon as you are arrested or suspect that you are under investigation for any federal crime.

We strongly advise against speaking with prosecutors, district attorneys or federal agents without having legal counsel present. Additionally, you should recover any records or evidence that can support your defense before it goes missing or is destroyed.

Lawrence Zimmerman can advise you as to what type of records and information are useful and how to act during your ordeal. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing federal criminal charges you must do everything in your power to help your case.

Hiring Lawrence Zimmerman should be your first order of business. Click the link to get a FREE CONSULTATION with an Atlanta white collar crimes attorney.

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Embezzlement criminal investigation where police investigation terminated without charges being brought by District Attorney after intervention by Lawrence Zimmerman. Client was never arrested for any criminal charges.
–State v. V.S.

Forgery and Theft

Client was convicted in Forsyth County of felony Forgery and Theft. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to ten years as a recidivist without the possibility of parole. Our office intervened and discovered a loophole in the case. We were able to remove the recidivist provision and have the sentence reduced to time served.
–State v. J.W.

Wire Fraud

Client accused by another of forging a fellow employee’s name on a wire transfer. The alleged victim filed charges and it was set down for a pre-arrest hearing in Fulton County. Our office intervened and negotiated a dismissal prior to the hearing.
–State v. W.R.

Identity Fraud

Client charged in federal court with aggravated identify fraud and manufacturing social security cards. After working hard on the case, the USA dismissed all charges against the client.