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After a conviction, some people have valid reasons to have the matter reviewed and considered for changes to the sentence. Our law firm helps people who deserve their voice to be heard when they feel justice has not been served.

What Is An Appeal?

An appeal is a formal request submitted by a lawyer to affect a change to the decision by the court where the accused was tried. The appeal is submitted to a higher court which can overrule the lower court.

The Appeals Process

The party filing an appeal is referred to as the appellant or petitioner. The other party (the government) is the appellee or respondent. The appellant has a specific period of time to prepare and file documents that presents their legal arguments for a change to the existing decison(s). The government (prosecutor/court) prepares and send a response to the appellant. This is just the beginning of the process.

Appeals courts make their decisions based on written briefs and/or oral arguments. Generally, their objective is to determine if there were egregious errors in the prosecutorial or judicial process. After the arguments are presented, the appeals court judges meet to discuss the case. This will result in a judge issuing a written opinion (explanation of the decision).

If the appeals court agrees with the lower court's judgment, or dismisses the appeal, the matter is over unless the apellant appeals to yet a higher court.

For an appeal to be successful, there has to be a reasonable belief that any perceived error would have substantially altered the outcome.

If the appeals court reverses the existing decision the appeals court sends the matter back to the lower court with a directive to do one of the following:

  • • conduct a new trial
  • • revise or otherwise change the judgment rendered
  • • reassess the prior evidence, accept and consider new evidence

After a Successful Appeal

If an appeal is successful there will still be a short period of time for the decision to become reality. It can possibly take months for a successful appeal to cause a person to be released from incarceration.

To learn more about filing an appeal, please contact our office to arrange a meeting with attorney Lawrence Zimmerman.

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Client Success Stories

We've Helped People Just Like You

Large Drug Case Reversed

Georgia Court of Appeals, A14A1545 (2015) (Court of Appeals granted our interlocutory appeal reversing the trial court’s denial of a motion to suppress in a large drug case that also involved seizure of money, cars, and a motorcycle).
–State v. Wiggins

Stalking Case Reversed

Georgia Court of Appeals, A10A0879(2010) (Court reversed stalking conviction finding the evidence insufficient).
–State v. Dwayne Autry

Probation Revocation

Client’s probation revoked in Fulton County, and he was sentenced to a seven year sentence in prison. Our office was hired to file a Sentence Modification. At the hearing, we presented valuable testimony from our client’s wife and family. The Court reconsidered the seven year sentence and released our client on time served.
–State v. J.S.

Traffic Violation CDL

Client was convicted in Dekalb Recorders Court of a traffic violation as a commercial driver. Our office filed a Petition for Certiorari in the Superior Court of Dekalb County. The Court reversed the traffic conviction.
–State v. Undisclosed.

Solicitation Case Reversed

A client was convicted of soliciting a minor for sex, and he went to prison. The case was reversed on appeal. We resolved his case without any jail time under first offender.

Probation Revocation

Client facing a probation revocation in Gwinnett County State Court. Our office was successful in gaining our client’s release.
–State v. T.C..

Registered Offender

Client was a registered sex offender in Cobb County. Our office was able to successfully remove him from the registry.
–State v. J.W..