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Internet Crimes

Internet Crimes Lawyer

Internet Crimes

Atlanta Internet Crimes Attorney

Internet crimes have been identified as one of the top legal issues of our time. From online sexual predators and child pornography to internet theft, and credit card fraud, prosecutors and investigators are aggressively prosecuting all computer and web based crimes. Some law enforcement agencies utilize special cyber crime law enforcement units to find online criminals. Many arrests have come from online solicitation of prostitution, and fraud from activities on sites such as Craigslist.

Persons suspected of any types of internet crime may be hit with Federal criminal charges, depending on the nature of the activity, for a variety of online actions.

Common online crimes include possession or distribution of child pornography, computer crimes against children, credit card fraud, online sex crimes, cyber stalking, identity theft, internet fraud, cyber bullying, computer hacking and cyber terrorism.

Social Media Cyber Crime

There is a growing number of people suffering charges from social media related criminal charges. In times of emotionally charged political conversations there is a risk that a comment can be considered a terroristic threat. Underage kids, especially people dating or flirting, may share risque photos that are deemed by law enforcement to be a child porn crime. Juveniles may make unlawful purchases online with no thoughts that it may cause a legal problem. Kids may access someones social media accounts or pages without authorization, which is considered to be hacking. We understand that sometimes people with no true criminal intent can be charged with serious felony charges.

Anyone charged with any internet crime should immediately contact Lawrence Zimmerman to discuss their situation and explore legal defense options. Our cyber crimes defense services can mean the difference in your freedom and your long term imprisonment.

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Meth Trafficking

Client charged with trafficking in methamphetamine in Cobb County. After an extensive investigation our office proved to the District Attorney’s Office that our client was not involved in the crime.
The charges were dismissed.

Drug Case Reversed, Property Returned

Client was arrested and it was alleged he was selling fifty pounds of marijuana a week. Cobb County MCS obtained a search warrant and found a treasure trove of drugs. We lost a motion to suppress but asked the GA Court of Appeals to overturn it. We were successful and the Court of Appeals reversed the case. Case was dismissed, and ten firearms, $5000 in cash, a Corvette and a motorcycle was returned to my client.

Marijuana Possession

Client pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana in Turner County, Georgia. Our office was hired to handle the post-conviction matter by filing a habeas corpus petition. We discovered that the Solicitor General filed an improper charging document. Thus, the Superior Court agreed and we overturned the conviction.

–State v. Undisclosed

Cocaine Possession

Client charged with possession of cocaine in Cobb Superior Court. Client had a very long criminal history. The prosecutor asked for our client to serve 5 years in prison as a repeat offender. We successfully argued that our client should be sent to a drug rehab facility. The court agreed with us, and he went drug rehab where he was successful.

Drug Sales

Client was accused by the Marietta Cobb Smyrna task force of selling drugs to three undercover officers on two separate occasions. The case proceeded to trial and a jury returned a not guilty verdict within one hour. After the verdict the jurors demanded that the lead case agent be reprimanded and demoted.