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Attorney Lawrence Zimmerman represents clients in criminal cases of all types. From a simple misdemeanor to a felony charge, you can have the same level of defense representation as people we’ve defended in serious, high profile cases.
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Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Lawrence Zimmerman on Anderson Cooper 360 TV Editorial News Show

Criminal defense law is our passion. Clients hire us because we are very good at what we do.

An arrest is not a conviction. The prosecutor’s office has to do a lot of work to build their case. We learn about every bit of evidence that the prosecutor has and may use in court. We review all of the facts of a client’s case, apply every possible legal precedent, and communicate with the district attorney’s office regarding how they choose to proceed.

Jury Trial Cases: Attorney Zimmerman is a highly skilled trial lawyer who is articulate and highly persuasive. His demeanor enables him to connect well with jurors, and deliver a compelling argument for a client’s innocence.

Non-Jury Trial Cases: Some cases will never be forced into a jury trial. A pending criminal defense case can sometimes be dismissed with all charges being dropped, or the prosecutor may offer to reduce charges as part of a negotiated plea. Our personal preference is to build a strong case and fight for dismissal of charges or seek an acquittal for our clients.

Our criminal defense services include guiding you through the legal process, keeping you informed of legal developments, advising you of potential outcomes, and then moving forward according to what you, our client, decide to do.

Whether it is an aggressive court representation for a felony trial, or a routine bond hearing, we can help anyone charged with a crime in Georgia. We are committed to providing the best criminal defense lawyer services to protect the freedom of every client.

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Is it expensive to hire a good Atlanta criminal lawyer? Not if you value your freedom.

First, it would be ridiculous to hire the cheapest Atlanta criminal defense attorney, knowing that you are probably paying for an attorney that is not really capable of keeping you out of jail or prison. Secondly, unless you have no job, no family, and don’t mind a few years in county jail or prison your life is almost certainly better at home.

Misdemeanor cases are usually not very expensive, especially if you compare our legal fees against jail time (lost wages), hefty fines, community service and any classes you may be required to take.

Felony cases, especially for certain charges, will require legal fees that are much larger than a simple misdemeanor case. Because we take your situation very seriously, we must invest a considerable amount of time and expenses in case review, interviews, investigations and sometimes hiring expert witnesses. In any case, we seek to keep our fees as reasonable as possible without sacrificing the steps needed to prepare a strong defense. People hire us because we are good, and they cherish their freedom.

Federal cases handled by any experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can be relatively expensive. If you are facing federal charges, you are also facing an adversary with virtually unlimited funds, a lot of fierce prosecutors, and a lot of experience in building cases that send people away for many years – without parole. A federal crimes defense almost always requires a great amount of preparation and support services to mount an effective criminal defense strategy.

Rather than suffer from the anxiety of not knowing, and fearing what may come, we recommend calling our office to schedule an appointment with Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Lawrence J. Zimmerman.

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What should I expect after my arrest? Total fear until you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Immediately After Arrest you are going to feel numb, and then reality will come upon you and feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression will consume you. The best way to counter these feelings is to meet with a criminal defense attorney and learn what to really expect in your situation. Don’t rely on what other people tell you, questionable websites, or ridiculous television dramas.

Reality Check 1 is when you begin receiving letters about mandatory court dates with legal jargon that you don’t understand. Be advised that the courts are not obligated to tell you “what you can do” but instead “what you must do”. This means that by virtue of not knowing the process, you may delay taking actions that prevent further penalties, miss critical filing dates, and make your situation much worse.

Reality Check 2, Option 1 is you don’t hire a criminal defense lawyer and the court system will dominate you. The decision to not hire a reputable Atlanta criminal defense attorney, and to represent yourself, is no different than going into any competition without knowledge of the rules or techniques. You are going to lose in a big way, and quickly come to regret every minute of your bad decision.

Reality Check 2, Option 2 is that you do hire an Atlanta criminal defense attorney, you learn what to expect in your situation, and you work with your attorney to control your destiny. You will be surprised at the feelings of relief and liberation when you hire a good criminal defense lawyer and transfer the weight of your worries onto their shoulders.

After hiring an attorney your expectations can be that you will be appropriately represented in every step of the legal process. From oral and written communications and filing of papers, to court appearances, filing motions and arguing your case, you will have confidence that your chances for a positive outcome are at their absolute best.

Our first advice to anyone who has been arrested is to meet with an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer to discuss their case. We’re here to help, and invite you to meet with attorney Lawrence J. Zimmerman.

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What about criminal defense experience and successful results? We have plenty of both!

Criminal Defense Experience Our criminal defense law firm has represented clients in the Atlanta metro area for over 13 years. During that time we have represented clients facing misdemeanor, felony and Federal criminal charges in every county in greater metro Atlanta. An important thing to know is that we practice ONLY criminal defense, meaning you will be represented by an expert Atlanta criminal defense lawyer.

Trial Representation While many of our clients have not been forced into a jury trial, many others have and have been protected by the jury trial skills of attorney Zimmerman. It takes a special person to prepare and manage a successful jury trial. Attorney Zimmerman is one such person, and a very experienced litigator.

Criminal Defense Results Our law firm has an extremely good and consistent track record for successfully managing criminal defense cases in Georgia. For us, the term successful means that our clients have been found not guilty, had charges dropped, cases dismissed, or otherwise avoided severe problems. We invite you to learn more about our capabilities by visiting our criminal defense newsroom.

An Important Factor! In any criminal matter, time is on the side of the prosecution. They set the dates and times. An important factor that YOU control is wisely managing your time. This specifically means hiring a criminal defense lawyer immediately in order to give your Atlanta criminal attorney adequate time to review your situation and prepare a strong defense. How quickly you hire an attorney can be an extremely important factor in winning your case.

You have only one first chance to beat any criminal charges. You need to hire an experienced and proven Atlanta criminal defense attorney to have the best chances of winning this important struggle. We encourage you to contact attorney Lawrence J. Zimmerman as soon as possible.

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