Internet Crimes

Atlanta Internet Crimes Attorney

Internet crimes have been identified as one of the top legal issues of our time. From online sexual predators and child pornography to internet theft and credit card fraud, prosecutors and investigators are aggressively prosecuting all computer and web based crimes. Some law enforcement agencies employ special cyber crime units to find online criminals. Many arrests have come from online solicitation of prostitution, and fraud from activities on sites such as Craigslist.

Persons suspected of internet crimes may be hit with Federal criminal charges, depending on the nature of the activity, for a variety of online actions.

Common internet crimes include possession or distribution of child pornography, computer crimes against children, credit card fraud, online sex crimes, cyber stalking, identity theft, internet fraud, cyber bullying, computer hacking and cyber terrorism.

Anyone charged with any internet crime should immediately contact Lawrence Zimmerman to discuss their situation and explore criminal defense options. Our internet crimes defense services can mean the difference in your freedom and your long term imprisonment.

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Georgia Criminal Sentencing For Internet Crimes

Can we win? What if I am convicted?

Georgia sentencing guidelines provide a fair indicator of what to expect, however there are many factors that ultimately determine what happens to anyone convicted of internet crimes in Georgia. any internet crimes involving child pornography, solicitation of a minor, or related matters will motivate the prosecutor to seek the maximum allowable sentence.

We always fight to eliminate our clients legal problems. If the evidence is overwhelming, and the prosecutor has an air tight case which achieves a conviction, we mmay be able to influence the sentencing. Our professional relationships with area prosecutors and judges, and our status as a respected defense law firm, often enable our requests to be considered. During your FREE CONSULTATION, after learning about your situation, we can provide you with a good idea of potential outcomes including the chances for a not guilty verdict. Our top priority will be to protect your freedom!